GM-800 Liveset Veiwer
This app lists the scenes, tones and controls in liveset files. The liveset text can be edited to add comments and downloaded. Tones are Bold if the part is ON, Italic if MONO, not POLY. Modified CONTROL FUNCTION settings are shown in Bold When any ASSIGN is ON the control SOURCE name will be Italic The INIT SCENE unmodified CONTROL/ASSIGN settings are: DOWN, GK SW1: SCENE-1 UP, GK SW2: SCENE+1 CTL1: OCTAVE UP/DOWN CTL2: MODULATION GK VOL: SCENE LEVEL ASSIGN: all 16 OFF Click Save to download the list as a plain text file. Save this HTML app as a local file to use it offline. Click the Help button to hide or show this message. RTFM USING BOSS TONE STUDIO FOR GM-800

Open or drop a liveset .tsl file

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